Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Chypre 21 by Heeley

What is better than opening a brand new bottle of perfume? Opening a brand new bottle of perfume that you have won in a competition! 
Thanks to the excellent online magazine http://www.scentury.com and their generosity, I am the proud owner of Heeley's Chypre 21, a chypre for the modern (ish) times we live in. Heeley is a favourite brand in this Franco German household and many of his creations have been tried, tested and shared. There is an effortless elegance to the scents, a perfect combination of British and French perfumery. Understated and yet...complicated enough to be intriguing, and ever so slightly coquettish. 
Chypre 21 is no different. Sparkling, golden, shimmering, soft, powdery, woody, spicy with a hint of bitterness, and bright bright bright. I was fully prepared to share it with Mael, but he declared it too feminine for him. So much for the daring Frenchman! As for me: I will wear it happily whenever I need a bit of backbone support. It's one of those scents that make you sit straighter and give you a red carpet walk.

My visual interpretation of Chypre 21 by James Heeley

Please read the excellent review on the candyperfumeboy's blog here:

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  1. Whoohoo! Am happy for your win and all the more so given that Chypre 21 is such a hit, and that you mostly likely will have it all to yourself. I also like the sound of it being so bright- goodness knows we could all use a bit of brightness at the moment. ;)

    1. Hi V, we are certainly living in interesting times. Let there be more brightness, indeed. (Intelligence and integrity won't hurt either)

  2. Ooh I haven't tried this one but sounds fab. Well done on your win and on Mael finding it too feminine :)

    1. Thank you, Tara. It's a perfectly unisex fragrance, but I don't mind not having to share. :)