Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Frau Tonis aus Berlin

The things we buy on holidays!!
Over the years I have collected a few weird and questionable items whilst being brainwashed by sun, beautiful beaches, vibrant colours looking good on other people and drinks that tasted really great at the time. I did read somewhere that after about 7 days of holiday your brain sort of goes into relax-mode and even the simplest task, like doing the maths and convert the currency correctly, can become too much of an effort. I am not overly guilty of buying anything really daft...

"Oh, look! A hand knitted Minion in pink!!!
Can I have it?!"

... but of course the perfume and beauty aisles and shops in far away places are difficult to resist. We are just back from a trip to Japan where I bought a few skin care products that I have still to figure out what they're for. As convenient it is to be able to buy (almost) everything online, nothing beats browsing around and finding something beautiful to take home. And if it's a bit tacky and touristy - so what? Which brings me to:

My visual for Frau Tonis Violet

Frau Tonis perfumes. Based in a shop conveniently close to the famous Checkpoint Charlie, it is mentioned in about any guide book that prises itself on being up to date with the local lifestyle. The range is pretty impressive, may be too impressive actually, and they offer mini sets with a bit of local folklore. There's an Eau de Berlin, a Linden based perfume and... the one that I ended up buying: a Violet that claims in a very wishy washy way to be Marlene Dietrich's favourite scent. 

Is it tourist tacky? Yes, it is a bit, but that doesn't prevent me from wearing it from time. It's a very sweet powdery violet with a lot of raspberry and a kick of a bit spice/pepper on a base of hairspray. It's not the world most refined scent, and very likely entirely synthetic, but it smells nice. Juicy pink, light purple and grey. Bright, but not without a hint of elegance. The violet feels, despite the sweetness, rather modern and urban. Uncomplicated, pretty, doesn't cost an arm an a leg. What's not to like? I bought it because I really wanted to bring back a bit of Berliner Luft with me, and I don't regret this souvenir purchase at all. I could have done much worse and end up with a Berlin bear in drag.

How and where to wear:
Channel your inner Barbie


  1. My mind is boggling at a "Berlin bear in drag". Is that like the Spanish donkeys with hats?

    Yes, a local purchase is fun and this perfume sounds just the ticket with its simple, sweet violet.

    1. That's exactly what it is, Tara. A mascot on the fringes of good taste.

  2. I know those bears - there are also lifesize ones wandering around the Checkpoint Charlie area that do not exactly raise the tone. Your pink Minion is quite cute and will match your home office perfectly. Good to get a souvenir from Berlin and a bit of the wall is a lot to carry...and well, a lump of stone at the end of the day. ;)

    1. The pink Minion was a souvenir from Thailand and it makes me smile whenever I look at it. Much better than a lump of concrete indeed.