Saturday, 10 January 2015

Seven Veils by Byredo

Byredo, the Swedish perfume house was one of the first niche brands I encountered and sampled in full, thanks to the generosity of the Byredo staff at Liberty. I already wrote about M/Mink, which is one of the most daring scents I've ever smelled. Today's candidate is a much more wearable choice. Seven Veils. It bursts open with an abundance of colour and spice - a marvellous ouverture - and then leaves me alone with a rosy heart that's neither here nor there, and falls exhausted onto the cushions as a creamy vanilla.  The sillage is stronger and darker than the smell on skin, a dance of seven veils, indeed. But you won't lose you head over this. A floriental that pretends to be far more dangerous than it actually is. Pretty though...

Seven Veils by Byredo, the picture

How and where to wear:
Belly dance class in North London


  1. Great - and very vivid! - image. I loved the notion of the rosy heart 'falling exhausted onto cushions', and of Seven Veils being suitable for a belly dance class in N London. I am about four or five releases behind with Byredo, which is par for the course I guess, given this plateau phase of my hobby.;)

    1. I will try to get you some more recent samples, although Byredo is a Like not Love brand for me, apart from 1999 whichis a bit great.