Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Souvenir from Paris

This morning I opened the little plastic bag in which I had kept all the smelling strips from my Paris trip. Quite an aroma and a nice little souvenir. I will leave them out for a few months until the scents have disappeared and then re-use some of them for perfume testing. 
Which brings me to the question? What do you use for smelling strips? Do you make your own from cardboard, go the recycling route, or do you nick them from the shops? 


  1. I never use strips at home, I do skin testing. I apply a little on my wrist. If I have doubts about the perfume, I'll do it before I go to the shower. If I tested perfume, liked it and start thinking about getting more, I'll wear the remaining portion of the sample the way I usually wear perfumes.

    What is your testing procedure?

    1. I find strips useful for first impressions and also to get an idea if a scent might be suitable for the blog, because for a colour interpretation it has to "speak" to me in a certain way. Once that is done, it goes on the wrists and lower arms. The shower method is not a bad idea, should have done that with the awful Aubade.