Thursday, 22 August 2013

Yohji Yamamoto, a comeback

On a recent trip to Selfridges I stumbled across a huge stall, manned by 3 people offering the latest/newest/resurrected Yohji Yamamoto scents. I knew that the brand had gone into administration years ago and that the perfumes were discontinued but had not heard about  its revival. The ueber friendly shop assistant was very happy to chat about the scents and perfumes in general and, even better, very generous with samples. 
I came home with 4 of them and here my review of the one that smelled very nice on paper: 

My visual interpretation of Yohji Yamamoto Homme EdT

I actually can't remember what I liked so much about it on the blotter, because right now it doesn't please my nose at all. A fresh, but bizarrely not refreshing opening which comes across as artificial, hence my colour choice of a very plasticky green. This, already not a promising start, develops into a dull and very faint herbal bouquet. On my skin this happens remarkably fast and the whole affair is over in half an hour with a sandy beige nothingness. 

The complete dry down after an hour is not unpleasant, a bit milky, but not strong or comforting enough to change my mind about this. The old YM formulations (which I have never smelled, I think) had a lot of fans and received praise from the likes of Luca Turin, so it's possible that they have been tempered with for the relaunch. I might give it to M. to try, maybe it needs a bit more testosterone to develop its beauty but I have the feeling he won't like it much either. In the UK the whole range is exclusive to Selfridges, where apparently it has sold out in record time. (marketing is a beautiful thing).

How and where to wear:
Interview for a job you don't really want, the usual attire

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